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"Burying Marilyn" will be premiering in November 2014 at the AM/FM Festival in Cathedral City, CA.


"Burying Marilyn"

A film by Adrienne Cahill

Produced by Jessica Burgess

Director of Photography Lowell A. Meyer

Edited by Raymond Chu

A dark comedy following three roommates' ill-fated mission to give a proper burial to a Pomeranian believed to be the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe.

When her late grandmother's beloved Pomeranian dies in her care, Maya has a meltdown. In tears, she drags her begrudging roommates on a road trip to Palm Springs, where she intends to give the dog the burial her Granny Franny wanted- under the giant Marilyn Monroe statue downtown. 

Their morbid adventure takes turn for the weird when the girls run out of gas in the desert, and tensions between them rise.  After encountering a handful of odd characters, and facing freak accidents and absurd obstacles,  Maya, Alicia and Bren successfully reach Palm Springs and the site of the intended interment. 

Emboldened by their wild night, red wine, and respect for Granny Franny's firm belief that her dog was the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe, the ladies successfully pull of their vandal funeral as the sun rises.  

Although they are exhausted, the three friends have been re-bonded by the bizarre happenings, and their realization that surrendering to life's absurdity is the only way to successfully make the journey.  And having each other to lean on is a great help too. 

The film was shot in California in October 2013, and brought together the bi-coastal and talented teams of Lofty Entertainment.